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Portable floor enhances yoga or Pilates at home on carpet or outdoors anywhere

Black LifeBoard $99.95
(plus S&H - typically $15-20 depending on location)

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The LifeBoard provides a portable, firm, non-slip floor for improved yoga, Pilates or ballet exercise anywhere. Ever get frustrated trying to practice yoga at home on carpet? Its difficult to get a good grip and maintain stability. Practicing yoga outside is exhilarating, but dealing with natural terrain is often difficult. Yoga is best practiced on a clean, firm, anti-slip surface, like a yoga mat on a yoga floor -- the LifeBoard lets you do just that. It's also excellent for ballet barre exercises.

Place the LifeBoard on just about any surface, then put a standard-sized yoga mat on the LifeBoard and enjoy your routines. The LifeBoard is durable, portable, affordable and made of recyclable material.

  • Non-skid top surface prevents yoga mat from slipping
  • Cleated bottom surface prevents the LifeBoard from slipping on carpet
  • Part of each purchase goes to a nonprofit organization called Skyline Center. They provide rehabilitation services and work programs for disabled adults and do the shipping and handling for us.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 73" L x 28 3/4" W x 5/8" H (assembled) - just a little larger than a standard yoga mat
  • Lightweight - approximately 8.5 lbs per panel, 17 lbs total

"The LifeBoard is a great product. I've been using it daily for several months now and I'm extremely happy with it. I bought the LifeBoard to use under my yoga mat in a carpeted room and it gives me the stability I need in place of hardwood flooring. It's very easy to assemble, disassemble and transport. I recently took it on vacation (car trip) and it was perfect for use on the hotel room floor and the outside patio."

Paula Kazban - Longwood, FL

"Well, wow, what can I say? I LOVE THIS!! I had been using a large rectangle of compression board from Home Depot, which worked but was so heavy it had to stay put on the floor of my yoga/meditation room. That was a pain, so eventually, I got rid of it. Then I did my power yoga practice on my rug, which was not good at all. Then I saw this. The price seemed a little high to me, but eventually I got over it and ordered. It came in record time for UPS, just a couple days. Unpacked it and snapped it together in 10 seconds. I love that I can move this if I want to, and fold it away when I need the space for meditation, etc. It's pretty light to carry, I love the handles, and doing yoga on this feels nice and solid. I had no issues with a slipping mat at all, no more so than I would have on a hardwood floor. Great product, thank you so much!!!"
Elizabeth Walter - Wheatfield, NY

"The LifeBoard works. It does exactly what it claims to do. It is a sturdy, rigid, non-moving surface upon which one can place a yoga mat and get the job done confidently in places one might enjoy practicing but are a bit soft, unstable, or dirty, such as my back yard. We have a beautiful, tree covered space, but until I bought the LifeBoard my only alternative was a bumpy, messy practice with bugs etc. Now that it is perfect weather here in FL I am out there all the time. If I go to the park or beach I will take the LifeBoard with me. Yoga outside is inspiring, peaceful, and expanding. I am glad to be able to do it now more comfortably and confidently. The board is well-made, very easy to put together (2 interlocking pieces) and does exactly what it claims."
Lloyd Goldstein - Tampa, FL

"I absolutely love my LifeBoard. I'm studying to be a Yoga instructor, and my practice teachings have been outside in my backyard with my yoga mat on top of the LifeBoard. It provides amazing stability and allows me to demonstrate challenging Balance poses without any wavering (well, at least due to the ground!). It's a nice sturdy product that attaches easily and won't come apart until you TAKE it apart. There is no sagging of the plastic, not even in the middle. I couldn't have asked for any more with the LifeBoard. It is an excellent product that has exceeded my expectations and allows me to practice stable yoga with ease when I'm outside on my lumpy bumpy grass."
Melissa - Oshkosh, WI

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