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Buyer through Amazon  2021

I've used this for over a year now and just love it. Saved me from converting carpet into a hardwood floor in a spare bedroom that I wanted to use as my yoga room. It works as advertised: very stable and firm surface. Great for balance poses including inversions. I can easily drag it over to a wall for a handstand. also can be folded up and put away easily if needed, though I typically leave it out. My husband, who weighs 240 pounds, occasionally uses it too with no problem. 

Buyer through Amazon  2020

Wow! Wish I had found this before I ripped the carpet out of the workout room in our last house. This board is stable yet lightweight. I store it under my bed and it's very simple to snap together and use. I was worried with the break in the middle, that it would dip while using it. But the way the grooves fit together keeps it perfectly level and flat. I was going to DIY a board out of plywood and cover it with flooring but that wouldn't have saved me much $$ and it wouldn't have been as easy to store. If you practice yoga regularly, this is well worth the price! Also, super fast shipping!

Staci    2019

I bought this because trying balancing yoga poses on thick carpet wasn’t working. This board does seem to help with that. Once placed down it stays put and doesn’t slide around allowing me to really have done stability under me. It was was easy to put together after reading the tips from the other reviews. I think it’s reasonably priced for the size and weight of it (seems pretty durable). If you usually practice yoga on carpet and want to improve it’s worth the investment.


Vallo    2018

This is the best product to help with your yoga practice on carpet. I have always quit my practice because it was so hard on my feet, wrists and hands when doing it on carpet that I would give up. I toyed with the idea of making my own but ply wood is always rough and I don’t have the tools to make the hand holds that the life board has. It’s easy to pick up and store or take with you to practice other places. It might seem a little pricey but it’s great quality and not as heavy as I expected. Worth every penny.


Bonnie    2017

Just received my lifeboard. It was easy to put together, solid construction just like advertised and is perfect for carpeted floors. Love love!!!! Perfect flooring for my yoga practice and fits my extra wide and longer yoga mat perfectly.


Kelly Korn    2016

I've been using this board for some time now. I am so glad I purchased it! Given the price, I put a lot of thought into it before purchasing. I have medium-thickness carpet at home, and for the most part it was fine to just slap a mat on top of and get to my practice. But where I was having trouble was in balancing poses. Carpet just isn't as stable or easy to balance on. Once I started using the Lifeboard for balance poses, I then started using it for my whole practice. It took some getting used to at first! I had mostly practiced at home on carpet, so there was a learning curve for my brain and body to get used to a hard, flat surface. I think I needed 1-2 months honestly to adjust. It folds easily and just sits up against the side of my closet. I take it out and put it up every morning, it's very simple to use. Occasionally my mat has slipped during really aggressive poses, but that is likely more an issue with my mat than the Lifeboard. 


Sandra Baietto - Peoria, IL    2015

I adore this product - it's a fantastic addition to my practice and it's extremely sturdy but light and portable. I have had no problems with it whatsoever. It doesn't buckle or bow under my weight at all and my yoga mat stays on top of it without sliding. Worth every penny! 


Buyer through   2015

I was hesitant to order this yoga board given the price and cost of shipping, but then I thought about how pricey yoga classes are and I ordered it. It is a simple and beautiful piece of equipment. I was a little worried about the seam in the middle and the length. But the way the seam snaps together I don't even feel it or know it's there. And the length is wonderful. I'm 6' tall and the board is longer than my yoga mat. I've used it every morning since it arrived and I can now do wider-stance poses with confidence. I use this on a carpeted basement floor and having a solid surface beneath me while I do yoga is so nice.


Kerry Ryan    2015

Perfect for my home yoga practice. Easy to set up. Great on carpet and even outside on an uneven surface.


Heather Delia - Aspire Yoga Center, Owner and Instructor - Shreveport, LA    2015

Have you ever tried to practice yoga in a room that has carpet? When you put your mat down, it is very hard to balance and feel secure. Whether you put weight onto your hands or feet, the mat just sinks and moves underneath you. The rooms in my house are carpeted and when I wanted to do more yoga at home, I knew I needed to find a solution. I even went so far as getting a quote to put down hardwood flooring in one room, but spending thousands of dollars to do so just didn't make sense. In my quest to find a cost-effective alternative, I found the LifeBoard! The LifeBoard comes in two 8.5 lb. pieces that snap together to make a firm, solid surface. It’s basically a portable yoga floor made out of recycled materials that sits securely on the carpet (or any surface really, including outside). Since it’s a non-slip surface, my yoga mat doesn't move at all while practicing yoga.


I’d HIGHLY recommend this product to everyone in a similar situation. At about $100 and a money back guarantee, it’s the best investment I’ve made in my home yoga practice. Although a home practice doesn’t replace working with a qualified yoga instructor that you trust, it will take your yoga experience to the next level. Don’t let having carpeted rooms be your excuse for not developing a consistent yoga practice any longer.


Hlang    2015

I got this for my husband - he's a yoga instructor, and he uses this for his home practice. It works exactly as advertised, and he uses it pretty much every day.


Keith A. Kiser - New Hope, PA    2014

Of course mine was delivered right after my yoga practice, but I set it up in seconds and tried it out. What an amazing difference! No sliding and a stable platform for inversions and creating an even flat surface for your wrists in down dog. Totally recommend!


Diana Bivins - Maitland, FL    2014

This Board is great. It gives me total support to practice yoga on my floor with a mat. completely easy to assemble and take apart. The trick is to put it together up not on the floor. Once you put it together the first time it's a piece of cake. Great investment.


Derika Toussaint - West Monroe, LA    2014

I purchased the LifeBoard on March 28, 2014, and it was the best decision that I ever made! With carpet in the majority of my townhouse, I was limited with the areas that I could practice yoga. Now, I am able to practice yoga anywhere with my LifeBoard. It was definitely worth the money, in my opinion. I love my LifeBoard!


Sean Brady    2014

The LifeBoard has been the perfect solution to practicing yoga in a carpeted apartment! I've used it daily for about a month, and am very happy with the purchase. It is extremely light, and provides a solid foundation when locked-in. I am 200 lbs, and it has proven stable in every pose. I had a problem with shipment through amazon, and the owner was extremely helpful. It was nice to know that I was ordering a product from someone that cared. I strongly recommend this product.


DT    2014

I moved from hard-wood floored house to wall-to-wall carpeted and needed the hard surface for my daily yoga practice. I got my LifeBoard today and did my yoga right away- couldn't be happier with the product- it delivered what I needed. I am glad I trusted the reviews and feedback and went ahead and purchased it. Super easy to put it together- takes 2 seconds and easy to store and to handle. I highly recommend it!


Heather - Bossier City, LA   2013

The floors in my house are mostly carpet. Trying to practice yoga on a mat on carpet is a challenge, to say the least. I purchased this LifeBoard and it is just like being on a solid surface! My mat doesn't move or slip. Highly recommended for anyone in a similar situation and is WELL worth the money spent.


Melody J.    2013

Great seller; perfect product. I am so happy with the LifeBoard. It is everything claimed to be. Get one. It will help "stability" that you don't get on carpet.


Sharon Q. - Broomfield, CO   2013

I am thrilled with my new LifeBoard! I actually have two. I regularly practice yoga with a neighbor at my house in a room designated to exercise. The only problem, though, is that it's carpeted. Nice and cozy, but not good for yoga balancing poses. My husband and I decided to look into replacing the carpet with a hardwood surface. But in order to get what we liked, the cost was way beyond what we were willing to spend. Yesterday morning I started to search the Internet and discovered LifeBoard. From the description and demo video, I was convinced I had found the perfect solution for a fraction of the cost. And, much to my surprise and delight, found that LifeBoard was located less than 10 miles from my house. I purchased my first board at 10 a.m., and later that day, after doing a home yoga practice with several balancing poses, I drove back for a second one (I knew my neighbor would be jealous). It is the answer to my prayers! It's lightweight, solid and simple to use. I couldn't be happier!!!


Kathleen l Hitt   2013

At home I don't have a hard surface to practice on. This has provided a floor for my yoga mat and makes practice easier.


Amanda S.    2013

Perfect for bikram at home in my small little apartment! I'm able to balance as if I were in a studio!


Tami S. - Michigan   2012

Love the Lifeboard! Great solution to do yoga over carpeting or outside. Easy to use and store.


S. Green - North Carolina   2012

This is a great product! I was looking for a way to do yoga in my bedroom, which has thick carpeting. If you have ever tried yoga with your mat on carpet, you know exactly what I mean. It does not work at all! I was seriously considering re-doing the floor in hardwood, but I didn't like the idea a hard wood floor in the bedroom. I stumbled upon this item and gave it a try. It is perfect! Problem solved! Assembly is easy, but I'll admit, I had to look on youtube for a video to see what the trick is. Once I saw that it doesn't snap together when it is lying flat on the floor, but easily folds together when held upright by the handles, it was simple.


Happy Yogi    2012

For quite a long time, I have been daydreaming about installing hardwood floors in my home in order to facilitate my at-home-but-not-really-existent-yoga practice. The cost was really too prohibitive, and so I then daydreamed about what could be done instead. One recent happy day, I decided to google my fantasy (I do not remember what the winning combination was, something like little yoga floor). And Voila! I found the Lifeboard, and took a chance on it. It is one of the best small investments I have made. I can now do sun salutations on my carpet in my bedroom, and the hard surface actually makes them easier than on the carpet. I can move it around the room, if I need a wall, or props, and I can easily carry it in the trunk for car-travel vacations. It works great, does not bend in the middle, and is lightweight. This product has made me very happy. I salute the inventor, and recommend the product to you.


Tim W. - Kalamazoo, MI   2011

I have really enjoyed using the LifeBoard and it has certainly exceeded my expectations. It has provided a very stable surface over a carpeted area for my yoga practice. Thanks for developing and bringing to market this wonderful product!


Debora Poynter - Green Bay, WI    2011

I love my LifeBoard! I was skeptical that it would sag in the middle but it stays completely flat and is an excellent surface for the yoga mat (no slipping). I highly recommend the LifeBoard!


Jessie - Rock Springs, WY   2011

I love my LifeBoard! I bought one for my brother for Christmas and he so highly recommended one that I bought one for myself. I am happy to say that it has far exceeded my expectation. It is so easy to set up that I can be ready to practice yoga in little more time that it takes to unroll my mat.


Jim Waugaman - Pittsburgh, PA    2011

The LifeBoard is great! About 4 years ago I moved to a new home with wall to wall carpeting and I was thinking that I wouldn't be able to really practice yoga anymore. When I heard about the LifeBoard I did a web search and found you. The LifeBoard totally saved the day! I'm practicing everyday now, and the LifeBoard is so easy to use. When I'm done I just lean it up against the wall till the next time. I totally love it! It's perfectly designed and i cannot find anything negative to say about it! Thanks!


Andrea from Minnesota   2011

I love my LifeBoard! It definitely meets my expectations. I'm a yoga teacher and I hold small yoga classes in my condo. With the LifeBoard, I can create studio-like spaces on my carpeting. I also need something portable so that i can take it out for a class and put it away afterward. The LifeBoard meets my needs perfectly.


Chris Dozier - Suwanee, GA   2011

From a yoga and martial arts perspective, I think it's one of the best equipment investments that I've made to date. I like the durability of it, particularly how it holds up and maintains a mat as you move through various postures, especially where hopping or quick movements are made. I also like the way that it comes apart and goes back together very easily for storage and portability. I was also impressed by how the board maintains a fairly level surface when used outside on grass and other not so even surfaces, further attesting to the board's durability and design. overall, I would say that if you have a need or desire to practice various forms of yoga, martial arts or simple stretching this is the one tool that will allow you to practice on any surface, indoors or out. This is especially nice for spring and summer when practicing outdoors can make all the difference in how you feel about your practice. The fact that it is not heavy to carry around, and is not made from wood (which can crack or splinter) is an added bonus.


Victoria Lisle - Auburn, AL    2010

I love my LifeBoard! I have to admit, when I first purchased the board I didn't use it much at all. However, my gym recently cut most of the yoga classes I went to, so I have started building a home practice. Using the LifeBoard gives me much more stability than a mat on carpet. In fact, just this morning I got into some difficult balancing poses for the first time! Now my husband is intrigued and he plans on trying out the LifeBoard himself. He's very new to yoga, so I have every confidence that using the board will allow him to master poses faster than otherwise. Thanks for a great product!


Paula Kazban - Longwood, FL    2010

The LifeBoard is a great product. I've been using it daily for several months now and I'm extremely happy with it. I bought the LifeBoard to use under my yoga mat in a carpeted room and it gives me the stability I need in place of hardwood flooring. It's very easy to assemble, disassemble and transport. I recently took it on vacation (car trip) and it was perfect for use on the hotel room floor and the outside patio.


Lindsey Lewis, yoga teacher, - Vancouver, Canada    2010

I adore my LifeBoard. Thank you for this intuitive, useful product. It's helped transform my morning practice on my carpeted floor, and maintain my practice while traveling. I love it.


Elizabeth Walter - Wheatfield, NY    2010

Well, wow, what can I say? I LOVE THIS!! I had been using a large rectangle of compression board from Home Depot, which worked but was so heavy it had to stay put on the floor of my yoga/meditation room. That was a pain, so eventually, I got rid of it. Then I did my power yoga practice on my rug, which was not good at all. Then I saw this. The price seemed a little high to me, but eventually I got over it and ordered. It came in record time for UPS, just a couple days. Unpacked it and snapped it together in 10 seconds. I love that I can move this if I want to, and fold it away when I need the space for meditation, etc. It's pretty light to carry, I love the handles, and doing yoga on this feels nice and solid. I had no issues with a slipping mat at all, no more so than I would have on a hardwood floor. Great product, thank you so much!!!


Lloyd Goldstein - Tampa, FL    2010

The LifeBoard works. It does exactly what it claims to do. It is a sturdy, rigid, non-moving surface upon which one can place a yoga mat and get the job done confidently in places one might enjoy practicing but are a bit soft, unstable, or dirty, such as my back yard. We have a beautiful, tree covered space, but until I bought the LifeBoard my only alternative was a bumpy, messy practice with bugs etc. Now that it is perfect weather here in FL I am out there all the time. If I go to the park or beach I will take the LifeBoard with me. Yoga outside is inspiring, peaceful, and expanding. I am glad to be able to do it now more comfortably and confidently. The board is well-made, very easy to put together (2 interlocking pieces) and does exactly what it claims.


Catherine Schleimer - Stamford, CT    2010

I bought the LifeBoard as a gift for my husband. He started a new job in a different city and was unable to attend his daily ashtanga yoga class. In addition, the apartment that his company provided him had wall-to-wall carpeting, which made it very difficult for him to continue his yoga practice. (He is still there three nights out of the week.) I knew that he couldn't be the first person with this problem, so I got online and found the LifeBoard. When he first saw it, he was very skeptical about the connection in the middle of the board. He was sure that it wouldn't be stable enough and would come apart during his yoga session. He was very wrong! He absolutely loves the board and uses it regularly. It is strong and stable and portable, too. It was the perfect gift.


Melissa - Oshkosh, WI   2010

I absolutely love my LifeBoard. I'm studying to be a Yoga instructor, and my practice teachings have been outside in my backyard with my yoga mat on top of the LifeBoard. It provides amazing stability and allows me to demonstrate challenging Balance poses without any wavering (well, at least due to the ground!). It's a nice sturdy product that attaches easily and won't come apart until you TAKE it apart. There is no sagging of the plastic, not even in the middle. I couldn't have asked for any more with the LifeBoard. It is an excellent product that has exceeded my expectations and allows me to practice stable yoga with ease when I'm outside on my lumpy bumpy grass.


Kassi Sell - Steamboat Springs, CO    2010

If you are just considering this LifeBoard, two words for you...BUY IT! You will be thrilled! This strong, yet light and portable board has absolutely revolutionized my home practice. My yoga space at home has squishy, thick carpet. Before I had the yoga board, every time I stepped on my mat for a practice, I got bummed out at how unstable and soft my mat felt. Eventually this caused me to not enjoy my practice and was started to effect my motivation. We all know that a consistent home practice is how you truly reap the rewards of yoga. So for some time, I was on the hunt for a kind of "hard board" to place under my mat as my carpeted yoga space was less than ideal. This yoga board has changed everything! 

My mat is stable and the yoga board feels just like a hard wood floor. I have weak wrists, and practicing on my unstable and squishy mat was making them worse. Now my yoga board supports them. I am a new practitioner of Ashtanga yoga, and my jump through's needed improvement. Now, with my yoga board underneath, I am starting to see major improvements! It also helps in balancing postures, as a hard wood floor does. My yoga board is light enough to carry from the basement up the stairs and outside. Never have I been able to practice yoga outside, because of unstable surface. I have been using it in the grass on nice days, and love it! If you have not tired yoga outside yet, you should; sun salutations bring on a whole new meaning! With the yoga board, my dedicated yoga space is mobile; and I have no room for excuses, only inspiration. I can't say enough about this product, simply put, it has been a blessing for my yoga practice, and therefore my life!


JC - Chicago, IL   2010


LifeBoard has significantly changed where & when I practice for the better. I have a strong preference to practice on hard surfaces. I have little such space available at home. I was therefore largely constrained to practicing in one of the many yoga studios near me prior to acquiring my LifeBoard. I love practicing in a group setting, but doing so more than twice a week just wasn't practical for me, both because of scheduling constraints and cost considerations.


Enter my LifeBoard. I still practice once per week in a studio. But I can now practice 3-4 times per week at home at times that work for me and at a fraction of the studio-equivalent cost. I appreciate that the comparison is less than perfect - I learn every time that I practice in a studio after all! - but the reality is that I am practicing more often because of my LifeBoard and that my LifeBoard basically paid for itself within a month as I lowered my studio practice from twice to once per week.


Todd Fiala - Shoreline, WA   2010

The LifeBoard has been a great addition to my yoga practice: it's the one thing I was lacking to get a home practice going.  The spaces available for asana practice in my home are all carpeted. Until I started using LifeBoard, I just couldn't keep a half-moon standing :-) Thanks a bunch! Great product.


Dana Ahern - Ashland, OR   2010

The LifeBoard is AWESOME. I use it all the time and it has made my yoga so enjoyable. Our whole house is carpet so I had no options ............... now I do. Thanks you so much!!!!!!!


Lindsay Bern (ACE Certified Personal Trainer and yoga teacher) - Reno, NV    2010

Developing a home practice is an important part of the yoga experience. Finding the time, space and discipline to practice on your own is an integral step in the journey. But, let's face it, we're not all lucky enough to have a dedicated room in our house with hard wood floors to accommodate a safe, productive practice. I know this challenge first hand, as someone who has had a home yoga practice since 2001 and now lives in a mostly carpeted home. Once you find the space to lay out your mat, the surface beneath you often becomes problematic. A yoga mat on top of carpeted floors is an unstable surface, making standing and balancing poses more challenging. The softness of the carpet becomes a further hassle if practicing a vinyasa, power or ashtanga type of yoga with many chaturanga push ups and arm balances. The carpet beneath your mat takes a toll on the wrists, compressing the joint. I started researching alternatives for a surface to place underneath my mat.


Thankfully, an innovative company has come up with an economical, space efficient, environmentally friendly solution. Welcome the LifeBoard into your home and under your yoga mat, for a yoga studio-like experience wherever you practice. The LifeBoard comes in two pieces that you slide together to create a solid surface just a bit larger than a standard yoga mat (yes - the Manduka Black Mat fits perfectly on top of the LifeBoard.) The LifeBoard can be used on top of any soft, unstable surface like carpet or outdoors on grass or sand for a rigid, secure floor beneath your mat. Thoughtfully constructed of "recyclable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and shipped in boxes made of 100% recycled material," this is a yoga product that fits in with the Yogic lifestyle. In addition, "several dollars from each purchase goes to a nonprofit organization called Skyline Center in Clinton, IA. They provide rehabilitation services and work programs for disabled adults. They do the shipping and handling for (LifeBoard.)" Attention to details like these makes LifeBoard a stand out in yoga product commerce.


In the week I've been using it, my practice has transformed. My poses are more deeply rooted and I am able to focus further on my breath, bandhas and drishti without worrying about instability or wrist pain. I feel like I am assembling my own private yoga studio when I snap the panels together. The LifeBoard has also made me more conscious of engaging my core in the transition between upward and downward facing dog and during jump throughs and jump backs because if I get lazy, my heavy movements slide my mat forward or backward on the LifeBoard. By making the conscious effort to engage my energy thereby strengthening and lightening my more powerful movements, my mat stays squarely on the LifeBoard. It's almost like getting silent feedback on the quality of your movements. The LifeBoard is a must have addition to any yoga lover's collection. The value of this prop is undeniable and can be used for more than just yoga. The LifeBoard is a solid surface that can be used for any type of workout you engage in at home or outside like P90X, Insanity, The Firm or whatever your fitness poison. 


Emma Magana - Lake Elsinore, CA    2010

I love my LifeBoard. I had been looking for a portable surface that would allow me to do yoga in my living room. Believe it or not, I was having to do yoga in my kitchen because it was the only flat surface I had to place my mat. Your product is sturdy and does not slip. I love that it separates into two pieces for easy storage and portability."


Patrice A. - Incline Village, NV    2010

The LifeBoard has been an absolute savior for me in my yoga practice. For the past 5 years I have lived in a house which is fully carpeted. The first few weeks upon moving in, I used a piece of plywood under my mat and it did the job. But that piece of plywood belonged to my bed frame which I finally had to put together. Plus, it was bulky to use, ugly and hard to store. I have been searching the Internet since for something that would work and even checked in to some woodworking folks in my town to make me something. It was going to be too expensive to have them design a floor for me and I just couldn't get myself to go buy another piece of plywood and deal with the problems I already mentioned. So, recently I discovered the LifeBoard online and ordered it immediately. The price is right, it's very easy to put together and does the job beautifully. I am so happy to be able to get my balance work back in my home practice! I am currently a certified Pilates Trainer and have been practicing yoga for over 15 years. In a couple of months I will be going through the 200 hour teacher training course with Doug Swenson, a program which complies under the standards of Yoga Alliance® to become a RYT® (Registered Yoga Teacher). Amongst all my peers, clients and students I will pass on the word of this great new product!


John Cain - Grand Junction, CO    2010

I don't generally respond to feedback requests for products, but I will say the LifeBoard has been a very pleasant surprise. I use it on a fairly well-padded carpet in my living room, and the support is just as good as it was on my hard composite floor in the kitchen. It is very easy to put together and take apart with the interlocking hinge, and stores easily under a bed. The only drawback is that of course there is a slight dropoff and you don't have arm support against the carpet in supine poses requiring arms out horizontally or overhead. That's a small price to pay for being able to do the rest of my yoga feeling well-grounded and balanced, in a space that is much more conducive to a calming, graceful practice.


Geri G. - Sun City West, AZ    2010

I love my LifeBoard! It is the perfect answer for practicing yoga on carpet. I previously had something similar made out of wood, but it was much more expensive and much heavier. LifeBoard is just right!


Jennifer Muhlenkamp - Englewood, OH    2010

What a great product! I have been using LifeBoard twice a week for 3 weeks now and the changes to my home practice are measurable. I cannot wait till spring and use my LifeBoard outdoors. Thanks so much!


Jessica Apodaca - Austin, TX    2010

I received my LifeBoard less than a month ago and I have been putting it to use almost daily. I have the black board, perfect for use in my home on my carpet. Right now I am limited to a home practice and I had been less than excited to do yoga on my carpet. I searched for several days to come up with some way to give myself a firm, gripping surface to practice on without going as far as to practice in my kitchen! I came across the LifeBoard online and I knew right away it was going to work great. And it has. Performs beautifully. Just lay it out, mat down and I am ready to go. The only thing I noticed, which is not a big deal, is when jumping forward or back, sometimes the entire board and I slide a little. Very happy with the LifeBoard- it has brought 'Life' back to my home practice. Thanks for an awesome product!


Harriet Driss - Rochester, NY    2009

I just wanted to write and tell you that you are amazing! I have been looking for a way to stabilize my yoga mat since we moved into a house that is fully carpeted. Every idea I came up with was either to expense or my husband said wouldn't work. Then you came into my life. Not only do I love the board, for several reasons, but I couldn't believe how fast it was delivered! I waited with great anticipation for the board from the first time I read that it was being produced. I think it is great. I very rarely send feedback to companies, so when I do it is because I strongly believe in the product. Since I wrote to you I have used it for mat pilates and some center barre ballet exercises and it works wonderfully for them, too. I am, as my husband calls me, an exercise junkie. He is a quality control person and he is impressed with the board. He said it looks well designed and well made. Believe me that that is a huge compliment to you. I also have MS and sometimes balance is a big problem for me. Having something sturdy under me for support gives me greater confidence to do the things I love. So, thank you, thank you, thank you! You have made me one very happy yogi!


K.O. - Atlanta, GA   2009

VERY, VERY COOL product, exceptionally well engineered! Surprisingly light but very rigid, with zero sag in the center. Freedom to choose a carpeted space for yoga is wonderful. The ingenious tabs lock the two halves together in such a way as to prevent any displacement side-to-side or up-and-down (absolutely no sagging in the center). The panels are surprisingly light (approximately 17.5 pounds combined) yet are very rigid. Once assembled, you get the impression you are standing on a single sheet of material. A standard yoga mat fits between the cutouts (which serve as handles) and leaves approximately 2 inches of exposed LifeBoard at each end. It was a bit confusing initially connecting the two halves. You cannot connect them with the panels laying on the floor. You must hold a panel vertically in each hand (opposite edge resting on the floor, bottom surface facing you) and allow the wide end of the tabs on one panel to pass through the wide space between the tabs on the other panel. Being careful to keep the tabs interlocked (in the same manner as interlocking the extended fingers of your hands), you swing the opposite ends of the panels away from you, allowing the tabs to mesh snugly together, then lay the LifeBoard on the floor. As stated, the LifeBoard is very rigid, easily providing adequate support for hands, wrists, feet and ankles during yoga practice. I should note the sensation is not identical to that provided by a mat on a hard floor, rather one of a mat on a hard, rigid surface resting on a cushioned surface (obviously). A hard flooring surface is laid on a hard sub-floor resting on rigid joists, the only cushion is that provided by the mat. The degree of cushion (give) you feel on the LifeBoard depends on the carpet on which the platform rests -- thick, long-pile carpet will compress more than short-pile or Berber carpeting. Regardless, support is more than adequate.Worth the wait. Thanks. Best wishes for your success.


Mary O'Hara - Oxnard, CA   2009

The LifeBoard is perfect for my needs because it provides a firm surface for my yoga practice. It assembles quickly and easily and is not too heavy to manage nor too bulky to store. Perfect so far and I've used it twice. Thanks for a great product.


Jenny B. - Atlanta, GA   2009

I'm a 5'10" 185-pound person using the LifeBoard for yoga. The board supports both my weight and my height (long-limbs). I love the board. I've used it several times now on my thick, new carpeting, and it's far superior for balance and holding postures than trying to use just a yoga mat on top of carpet. I do use my mat on top of the board for cushion and the mat fits just fine and does not slip. Thanks for a great product!