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What are the key features of the LifeBoard?
    • Portable, durable, lightweight yoga floor perfect for yoga, Pilates or ballet barre exercise at home on carpet or outdoors on just about any surface
    • Unique patented design
    • Non-skid top surface prevents yoga mat from slipping on the LifeBoard yoga floor
    • Cleated bottom surface prevents the LifeBoard yoga floor from slipping on carpet
    • Made of recyclable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and shipped in boxes made of 100% recycled material. The LifeBoard uses 50% recycled material.
    • Several dollars from each purchase goes to a nonprofit organization called Skyline Center in Clinton, IA. They provide rehabilitation services and work programs for disabled adults. They do the shipping and handling for us. 
    • Made in the U.S.A.
    • 73"L x 28 3/4"W x 5/8"H (assembled) - just a little larger than a standard yoga mat
    • Lightweight - approximately 8.5 lbs per panel, 17 lbs total
    • Easy to carry, assemble and store
    • 30 day money back guarantee
What's the primary purpose of the LifeBoard?
The LifeBoard enables you to practice yoga or Pilates at home or outside. It provides a non-skid rigid yoga floor to enhance the practice of yoga and Pilates at home on carpet or outdoor on just about any surface. It's also great for ballet barre exercise at home on carpet.

What material is used in the LifeBoard?
The LifeBoard is made of recyclable high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The black LifeBoard uses 50% recycled HDPE. HDPE is a very sturdy, durable and lightweight material commonly used in products like lawn furniture, portable tables and playground equipment. The material is very sturdy and rigid, providing an excellent yoga floor to optimize yoga practice at home on carpet or outdoors just about anywhere. The box in which the LifeBoard is shipped is constructed of 100% recycled material.

What are the dimensions?
The LifeBoard has two panels, each approximately 37 1/2" L x 28 3/4" W x 5/8" H. When assembled it's 73" long x 28 3/4" wide x 5/8" height, just a little larger than a standard yoga mat. The size is perfect for a portable yoga floor.

How much does the LifeBoard weigh?
Each panel weighs about 8.5 lbs, so the total weight of the LifeBoard is about 17 lbs. This makes the LifeBoard a very portable and easy to store yoga floor.

On what surfaces can the LifeBoard be used?
The LifeBoard can be used for yoga at home on carpet and yoga outdoors on any relatively flat surface (e.g., grass, sand, dirt, small rocks, etc). The LifeBoard is a perfect portable yoga floor for practicing yoga at home or practicing yoga outdoors in parks, on beaches or in almost any open area.

What keeps yoga mats from slipping on the LifeBoard?
The LifeBoard has a textured top surface that prevents the yoga mat from slipping.

What size yoga mat can be used with the LifeBoard?
The LifeBoard is designed to support the two most common yoga mat sizes: 24" W x 68" L and 24" W by 72" L.

What keeps the LifeBoard from slipping on carpet or other surfaces?
The underneath side has numerous indentations that grab on to the carpet pile and outdoor surfaces. These indentations serve two purposes: 1) they provide rigidity and structure to a very light weight and low-cost design, and 2) they prevent slippage on most surfaces. In addition the LifeBoard has been designed with numerous "cleats" that slightly extrude on the underneath slide. This provides additional traction on short pile carpets. This is key to enhancing your yoga practice at home or outdoors.

How are the two panels of the LifeBoard assembled?
Grasp the two LifeBoard panels by the handhold, one in each hand with the underneath side (with indentations) facing you, and the interlocking tabs facing each other in the middle. Swing the outside edge of each panel towards you and the interlocking tab edges slightly away from you. Rest the bottom edge of the panels on the surface/floor/ground. Move the two panels together until the tabs overlap and interlock as far as they will go. Then "flatten" the panels by swinging the outer edges away from you until the panels form a flat portable floor. Lay the LifeBoard down (textured surface up). Place a yoga mat on the LifeBoard and enjoy your exercise.

What keeps the two panels from buckling in the middle?
The "male" tabs of one yoga floor panel rest on the "female" tabs of the other panel. The panels interlock with one another to prevent movement in any direction, vertically or horizontally. It allows for very easy assembly while providing maximum rigidity when in use.

Can I return the LifeBoard if I don't like it?
Yes, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee, including S&H. No questions asked.

Is the LifeBoard portable?
Yes, the LifeBoard is a portable yoga floor. It's lightweight at approximately 17 lbs (8.5 lbs each panel). It's small enough to store under a couch, under a bed, in a closet or in the trunk of your car. Yet it's big enough to practice yoga at home on carpet or outdoors using any standard yoga mat.

What exercises can I do with the LifeBoard?
The primary purpose of the LifeBoard is to enhance the practice of yoga or Pilates on carpeting or a variety of outdoor services like parks/grass and beaches/sand. The LifeBoard is a portable exercise floor providing a rigid and durable surface for practicing yoga, Pilates and other fitness routines.